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Business Process Outsourcing

What is Business Process Outsourcing?

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) refers to the contracting out of non-core activities to a third-party outsourcing specialist.

Any activity which doesn't generate revenue, but is necessary to the running of a company, is a non-core activity whose contracting out will increase focus on core activities.

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Key Benefit Summary

Outsourcing your non-core activities offers the following key benefits:

Back Office BulletTransform fixed costs to variable costs.

Back Office BulletAchieve growth and extra capacity via outsourcing, not via heavy capital investment.

Back Office BulletReduction in personnel requirements: salaries, benefits, taxes, social security, holidays, absenteeism...

Back Office BulletReorganization and more efficient exploitation of expensive office space.

Back Office BulletGreater focus on core business, fewer non-core activities to distract.

Back Office BulletReal improvements in productivity and running efficiency (optimization). Unnecessary transactions steamlined

Back Office BulletReceive Back Office support as a deliverable service, rather than a department to administer.

Which Processes Can be Outsourced?

Any task – and not just routine or mechanical in nature: but also tasks involving value judgments, informed decision-making – can be confidently outsourced to a specialist BPO provider like Nova BPO.

We have absorbed entire Back Office departments, learning processes quickly, optimizing them and delivering to the customer a highly efficient, quality-driven service at a fraction of the fixed cost.

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High-Speed Data Networking

Advances in High-Speed Data Networking mean that functions can be carried out in almost any part of the world. All that is needed is connectivity.

Once the High-Speed Data Networking structure is installed, a BPO operator works within host system (the same network as the client), setting up permissions to work in the area outsourced and working offsite with highly-focused productivity.

Inshoring/ Nearshoring Guarantees Quality

In Nova BPO, we provide BPO services to many Spanish companies, but also to internatonal companies with business transactions all over the world.

Our high productivity means that we can offer the cost-cutting benefits of Offshoring, while maintaining the quality standards of an outsourcing experience within a European business-cultural environment.

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