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Business Process Outsourcing

Optimizing Processes

The cost-cutting benefits of BPO are obvious. But what about the benefits in productivity?

With time, back office departments - away from frontline engagement with customers - can become rigid and inefficient: staff lacking motivation, procedures prone to error, delay, slowness.

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Back Office Outsourcing on the other hand - based on the classic customer-supplier relationship model - makes sure that it is in the BPO supplier's own interest to deliver high productvity. If he doesn't, you find another supplier.

Re-engineering your business processes

Back OfficeRe-engineering your business processes to improve efficiency could cost you a fortune in consultancy fees. In Nova BPO we do it for free!

It’s a win-win situation.

It is in our interests to optimize processes to make sure our actions are cost-effective; it’s in your interest to focus on revenue-generating activities and allocate resources to your core business.

Our Mission

Our mission is to assume responsibility for your Back Office and deliver a professional, well-run service which operates discreetly in the background: reliable, efficient, dependable.

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Do the job better, do the job cheaper

How do we do it? It’s no secret: we keep our costs low, and our productivity high.

By passing on the cost-cutting benefits to our clients we make sure we offer a highly attractive service; and by studiously optimizing processes we make sure our actions are cost-effective.

Growth via Outsourcing

Outsourcing allows a company to become lighter and more flexible and so better placed to respond to changing market conditions. Importantly, companies can maintain their competitiveness even during downturns.

But outsourcing can also be a strategic option when it’s time to expand.

Instead of growth incurring heavy capital expenditure – new staff, new training, new hardware – a company can simply outsource the new stuctural requirements to a trusted BPO supplier.

Making the outsourcing model a key component of a business strategy means that growth projects can be launched without weighing the company down with new fixed costs.

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