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Certified Scanning of Invoices

What is Certified Scanning of Invoices

This procedure refers to the act of applying a digital signature to an invoice as it is scanned, and registering the correct data as stipulated by the AEAT so as to give the digital copy legal standing.

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The digital invoice, stored in a database where it cannot be tampered with, effectively replaces the paper original which can be subsequently destroyed.

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What benefits does Certified Scanning bring?

Back Office BulletGreater productivity. Digitized processes.

Back Office BulletLess floor space wasted on storing and archiving documents.

Back Office BulletFast document consulting.

Back Office BulletIn contrast with e-invoicing, implementing a Certified Scanning process doesn’t depend on active collaboration with suppliers.

Back Office BulletAdvance towards the paperless office.

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docuCERT® Service – Digitizing process

See below for the main steps involved in the certified scanning process using docuCERT®.

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To find out more about our software docuCERT® click here: docuCERT®