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Digitization of Documents

Digitization Process: Data Entry

Data entry involves manually introducing information from a physical document source. A good system allows tight quality control in all the database fields.

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High Volume Data Entry

For example, an advertising agency launches a promotion which generates 200,000 responses which have to be manually introduced into a stuctured, unifying database.

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New technologies are creating strategic opportunities which can greatly improve the running effiency of companies. Document Management is one area most apt to benefit from these opportunities. Nova BPO can work as a stratgeic partner to deliver these opprotunities to you, offering fast, effective solutions, proposing projects which improve productivity and reduce costs right from the start.

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Procesos de Digitalización

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Digitalizacion Bullet PointFull Text OCR

Digitalizacion Bullet PointFile Processing

Digitalizacion Bullet PointData Entry

Digitalizacion Bullet PointClassification, Preparation and Custody

Back Office BulletBesides those listed above, Nova BPO is continually expanding the services and prcesses it offers to clinets. We work in partnership with hardware providers, and always invest in the latest technology.

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