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Digitization of Documents

Digitizing Documents

Digitizing a document (scanning it) produces a digital copy of the paper original which can be stored as an digital image, and integrated into a computerized office system: filed, located and accessed within seconds.

Back Office BulletDigitization is the key process for transforming slow paper-based processes into faster digital-based workflows. Digitization mrkedly increases productivity and improves efficiency.

Intelligent Digitization - OCR

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) extracts information from a paper document so that it can be stored and manipulated as digital information on a database or manipulated by other computer applications.

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While OCR typically extracts information from specific zones on a document, Full Text OCR can be programmed to read text intelligently from anywhere in the document. For example, Full Text OCR can search for keywords in an invoice and extract the data (quantity, total price, IVA, etc...) automatically.

Certified Scanning - docuCERT

Certified Scanning of Invoices refers to the process of applying an electronic signature to a digitized image whilst a paper original is being scanned. This image is captured as a PDF or TIFF file and the correspondent data stored as metadata in a secure database.

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Once a paper document has been certifiably scanned, the digital copy becomes a legally recognized equivalent of the original, stamped and locked, and the paper original can therefore be destroyed.

To know more about Certified Digitization and docuCERT, click Certified Digitization

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Documents to be Digitized

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Find a digitization solution by document (see above list), or by digitization process solutions by process

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