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Certified Scanning of Invoices

New opportunity in the digitization of invoices

Managing invoices has just benefited from a simple but sigificant advance – the certified scanning of invoices.

Back Office Bullet By adding an electronic signature when scanning the paper invoice, the new digital invoice can legally replace the original..

Our docuCERT® software, legally approved by the AEAT, applies the digital signature and stores the digital invoice in a secured database.

Outsourcing invoice management

Con la posibilidad de certificar las facturas con una firma electrónica, la externalización de la gestión de facturas (outsourcing) es más atractiva que nunca, ofreciendo un gran ahorro de costes con muy poca inversión.

docuCERT® Service – the complete solution

With docuCERT® Service you’ll have a complete and definitive solution for your invoice processing requirements, from the moment of document collection to the final integration of your digital invoices into your ERP.


Back Office BulletInvoice collection.

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Back Office BulletDigitization (scanning with docuCERT®).

Back Office BulletDigital invoice with digital signature.

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Personalised proprietary software

Because Nova BPO has designed and created its own software, so it’s easy for us to personlaise it to exactly match your needs.

Combined with our long experience as a document management and BPO specialist, our docuCERT® service offers a great opportunity for you to both improve productivity and save costs.

docuCERT® Software

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