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Digitization of Contracts

Digitization of Contracts

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The digitization of contracts involves more than just scanning documents. Our process management capacity means that any administrative task associated with the contracts can be outsourced successfully to Nova BPO.

By outsourcing to Nova BPO, we can perform an important strategic function with the client, supporting their business by being able to assume Back Office operations.


As a guide to what can be achieved by outsourcing the digitization of contracts, we detail the processes that we are currently providing for a client.

This client receives and manages many contracts every day coming from various delegations within the group. These are collected and sent to Nova BPO twice a week.

Back Office Bullet Codification and Incident Resolution

The first task is to codify the contract according to type. Quality checks are made at the same time, making sure that signatures, dates and names are correct, and also making sure that all the obligatory fields are filled out.

When incidences are detected, then Nova BPO manages the correction process according to predefined parameters, calling or emailing the client. Incidences are grouped according to delegation for their easy control.

Back Office Bullet Digitization and Quality Control
Once the contracts have been thoroughly checked, then they are scanned and the identification data captured via OCR: contract number, date, policy number, Personal Identification Numbers, names, etc… Nova BPO commits itself to complete this process by sending the database within 24 hours.
Back Office Bullet Boxing and Archiving
The physical documents returned to the client boxed and labelled for their efficient archiving and custody.

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Back Office BulletResults Report:

Elimination of tasks related to the management and maintenance of the contract archive in each delegation.

100% resolution of incidences.

A 70% reduction in the time needed to physically manage the contracts.

The possibility to eliminate the physical archive in each of the delegations and centralize it in one place.

Back Office BulletCustomer Benefits

Ability to retrieve the solicited contract in less than an hour.

By centralizing the digital archives in one place they can be accessed by all the delegations and departments which require access to the contracts.

Gain core-activity focus and outsource time and resource consuming tasks such as archiving and verification of contracts.

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