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Digitization of Deeds

Digitization of Deeds

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When it’s time to manage contract signatures, policies and other administrative tasks, it often becomes necessary to photocopy company, power of attorney, house and shop premise deeds. By digitizing this task, this time-consuming task is reduced, as is the necessity to physically search for documents since they can be accessed with a few clicks.

Besides reducing wasted time, the physical documents do not deteriorate so much, since there are far fewer physical manipulations.

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We receive many different types of deeds from many different types of clients: solicitors, financial service companies, private enterprises, etc. Depending on the volume, the processing of deeds can be carried out daily, weekly o monthly.
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Deeds are nearly always bound or stapled together in some way so that the individual papers cannot be separated. Sometimes loose documents are added to the file, such as taxes and licences, and this adds to the complexity of photocopying or handling. Nova BPO deals with this in an efficient manner, not only returning a more user-friendly digital document, but returning the physical document to its original state.

Back Office Bullet Digitalización e indexación

We scan the deeds, index them by reference number and link them to a database.

By attaching an image to the database it means that they can accessed digitally via any number of predefined fields: deed reference number, deed title, notary name, deed holder, property address, mortgage number, name of mortgage holder, National Identity Number, date, town… And if the client hasn’t got a database, we can create it for him.

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Once the deeds have been digitized we archive them according to alphabetic ordering, with the deeds clearly labelled for fast retrieval. This way, although the day to day work involving deeds uses the digital document, the physical document is always close at hand should it need consulting.
Back Office Bullet Consulting software
The digital document and the retrieval software allows for deeds to be accessed within seconds by simply introducing a search criteria. With a simple tool the client can attach the digital deeds to an email and send it to an agent who requests it.

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Back Office BulletResults Report:

A 95% reduction in the time needed to consult a deed.

Re-utilization of space reserved for filing the deeds since they no longer need to be physically close by.

Save money and effort on having to photocopy the deed every time it is requested.

Back Office BulletCustomer Benefits

Ability to retrieve the solicited contract in less than an hour.

A much faster and more efficient handling of all the processes related to managing deeds. To be able to photocopy a deed, they often need to be unbundled and manipulated which costs time and effort. Much easier to either simply print the deed or send it as an attachment via email.

For companies which need to handle a lot of deeds, digitizing is the way to go. Not only are processes made faster but problems related to physical documents, such as losing them or their quality deteriorating, are eliminated.

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