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Digitization of Documents

Digitization of Delivery Notes

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Delivery note processing is time-consuming and complex. A company with a great variety of delivery notes and many customers has to devote time and resources to completing this necessary, but non-revenue generating activity.


As a guide to just what can be achieved and how, see the delivery note processing workflow that we are currently providing at the moment:

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We receive the delivery note, scan it and index it by the reference number using automated OCR or by manual data introduction (data entry). This is then matched with the client database to make sure that everything is correct.
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Quality control is an essential part of the process and the requirements set by the client are clearly spelt out in the contract. We follow these to deliver an error-free service: checking signatures, detecting duplicate files, detecting files which are missing, etc. We send the client a daily summary of incidences so that they can be dealt with speedily.
Back Office Bullet Access and Retrieval Software

Once the client receives the file with all the digital delivery notes then it’s easy to integrate those into his digital office, allowing him to access his delivery notes within seconds. In Nova BPO our IT Department develops our own proprietary software so that we can personalise it to exactly meet the needs of the client.

Finally, the paper delivery notes are placed into safe custody, the entire process managed professionally by us so that the client can forget about time-consuming paper manipulation and enjoy the fruits of his digitized document strategy.

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Back Office BulletResults Report

An 80% reduction in the time necessary to resolve incidents.

Resolución del 100% de las incidencias.

A 70% reduction in administrative time spent dealing with delivery notes.

A global reduction in the administration department made possible by outsourcing the entire process.

Re-utilization of space previously used for filing.

Back Office BulletCustomer Benefits

One key benefit which our clients have commented upon is their ability to resolve incidences in a much more efficient manner. For example, when a company has an incident related to a product delivery and wants to check if the delivery note has been signed, an employee would normally have to search for the document in a filing cabinet, copy it, etc,.. but with a digital delivery note the process is much faster, simply accessing the digital file in seconds via a reference number (or any other parameter) and then attach it and send it via a network.

Another benefit is the time saved by office staff in not having to order their delivery notes since Nova BPO sends the delivery notes which have been scanned in numerical order.

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