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Digitization of Documents


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Invoice processing is one of the most resource-intensive procedures that a company has to fulfil: reception and registration of incoming invoices, approval by different departments, data entry into the accounts system, creation of reference number and proper archiving.

By digitizing your invoices all these tasks can be executed automatically. We already provide these services to many companies who are currently benefiting from the cost reductions implicit in outsourcing back office tasks.


As a guide to just what can be achieved and how, see the invoice processing workflow that we are currently providing at the moment:

Back Office Bullet Reception and Preparation
We receive all the client’s invoices here at Nova BPO. We classify them and check that they comply with legal requirements, and then we label the invoice with a bar code identification.
Back Office Bullet Scanning and OCR
We scan more than 3,000 invoices for the client everyday incorporating quality control checks such as checking multiple page invoices, verifying the supplier, etc… Once the invoice has been scanned we use the latest OCR technology to capture the necessary data. We manually correct any data which hasn’t been captured automatically.
Back Office Bullet Digital file integration into SAP
Once all the processes have passed through verification and quality control, the files (digital images and data) are sent to the client via FTP which he can then integrate into his ERP. The result is a fully automated invoice processing system where his invoices can be consulted within seconds.
Back Office Bullet Invoice archiving
We can take custody of the client’s invoices. Once the legal custody period has been completed we destroy the document as authorized by the client following the legal stipulations.

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Back Office BulletResults Report

95% of the client’s invoices are processed automatically without a paper document ever having to sit on a desk. A clear advance towards the paperless office.

Re-allocation of personnel currently processing invoices.

Re-utilization of space previously used for filing.

Back Office BulletCustomer Benefits

Digitizing invoices and automating the accounts process brings numerous benefits to the customer. Right from the start, when the invoices are first received, saving time by speedy processes is of prime importance. Workflows which took days or weeks are done in a fraction of the time, which allows for greater productivity and faster resolution of problems.

Accessibility is another area of improvement. Since the entire process is subject to digitization, then digital invoices can be accessed from any place with a computer connection, thousands of documents available within a few seconds.

And all that time wasted on making copies, organising, filing, classifying and searching for paper invoices? Isn’t that time better suited to more productive tasks? Whilst an entirely paperless office is a long way off, at least digitizing one important aspect of an organisation’s operating procedures goes some way to saving time and effort.

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