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Digitization of Documents

Document Management

Document Management is the computerized organisation of digital information.

Most companies transact their information in a mix of formats, both digital and paper, which makes it of prime importance for a successful document management strategy to produce harmony across diverse formats, and create efficient workflows (digitizing whenever possible).

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Key components in building a Document Management Strategy

The following list details the key components which constitute a Document Management strategy:

Back Office BulletLocation: where to store the digital documents.

Back Office BulletFiling: in what digital format to store the digital documents.

Back Office BulletRetrieval: how the digital documents will be retrieved.

Back Office BulletSecurity: how will the digital documents be kept secure.

Back Office BulletDisaster Recovery: how will the digital documents be backed up.

Back Office BulletRetention Period: how long do the digital documents need to be kept.

Back Office BulletDistribution: how will the digital documents be shared and distributed.

Back Office BulletWorkflow: how will the digital documents enter into a procedural workflow.

Back Office BulletCreation: how can documents be created and edited within team collaboration.

Back Office BulletAuthentication: what authentication protocols are to be implemented.

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Digitized Workflow

A workflow is the schematized route along which a series of actions complete a desired business function.

Invoicing a customer, for example, may have a workflow which includes actions and decisions from people in sales, accounts and logistics. The danger with so many components affecting the workflow, is that it becomes slow and error-prone.

The objective when designing an optimised workflow is to keep the procedure simple, logical, and automized, leveraging technology to produce high productivity.

For example, an invoice is digitized and bar-coded, the vital information (the metadata) stored in a networked database so that the Finance Manager can monitor the monthly ficures, and the Sales Director keep an eye on his forecasts and objectives.

A good Document Management strategy produces the most efficient workflows possible, outsourcing non-core administrative tasks to keep costs low and business focus high.

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