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Digitization of Documents

Digitization of Medical Histories

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Increasingly, hospitals are taking steps to modernise the way they are run. The problem lies with how to reconcile a large historical archive of dated medical histories with the proposed digitization of new ones. A hospital can’t work with two systems running in parallel.


This was the challenge that faced Nova BPO when it first began working in this sector. The solution was simple, but required the conversion of the entire backdated historical archive so that the hospital could have its entire archive in digital format, but this had to achieved this without disrupting daily activity.

Back Office Bullet Outsourcing the Passive Archive

Many hospitals would prefer to deal with a digital archive and stopping having to manage their physical archive all together. This is possible with Nova BPO’s outsourcing program specially designed for hospitals.

Nova BPO can collect the medical histories, prepare and classify them, eliminate unnecessary documents and unnecessary copies, scan and index the files according to the reference number and after a designated period of time destroy the physical files under authorisation from the hospital and according to legal requirements.

We take care of everything so that the hospital can effectively leave their physical archive in our hands and only deal directly with the digital archive.

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With more and more hospitals wanting to digitize their medical histories, it leaves the problem of what to do with all the paper files kept in archive.

Having two types of medical histories (paper and digital) would obviously make managing them much more difficult. That’s why Nova BPO came up with the perfect solution: digitize the physical archive, not in our premises, but in the hospital itself. We provide everything necessary to complete the task: the hardware, the software, the trained professionals and the knowhow.


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A 95% reduction in personnel resources.

A reduction to 0 of the number of files lost.

Re-utilization of space for hospital-related tasks instead of filing.

Improved patient satisfaction since files are found faster and there are fewer misplaced files.

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One key benefit with digitizing medical histories is that different members of staff can be consulting the file at the same time. And since the files are digital, they can be sent by email, or copied or printed, all actions which greatly improve efficiency.

Another major benefit comes with reducing the amount of space a hospital has to dedicate to keeping files nearby for consultation. A typical hospital has between 300,000 – 400,000 medical histories on record, which constitutes an enormous amount of space dedicate to their archiving – space better used for services which benefit patients and staff alike.

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