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Digitization of Documents

Classification, Preparation and Custody

Before documents can be processed, many need a preparatory stage where the document is prepared for digitization:

Back Office BulletSelective sorting of documents

Back Office BulletCodifying by document type

Back Office BulletClassification by model / type...

Back Office BulletCopy seperation

Back Office BulletRemoving of staples or clips

Back Office BulletCounting documents

Back Office BulletLabelling with bar codes

Once a document has been processed it is custodied according to legal requirememnts.

Back Office BulletPhysical document archive

Back Office BulletDocument archive management

Back Office BulletDocument receovery

Back Office BulletDocument destruction timeline

Back Office BulletCertified destruction

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Preparing, classifying and managing documents can be very resource-intensive. That's why a focused third party supplier can add so much value to a client's document processes.

Back Office BulletTomorrow's high-tech solutions delivered today.

Technology is radically changing the way documents are managed. What better way to benefit from these advances than team up with an expert partner able to provide the latest, state-of-the-art solutions to your document management requirements.

Profit from tomorrow's high-tech solutions by teaming up with Nova BPO today.

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Digitization Processes

Digitalizacion Bullet PointScanning

Digitalizacion Bullet PointFull Text OCR

Digitalizacion Bullet PointFile Processing

Digitalizacion Bullet PointData Entry

Digitalizacion Bullet PointClassification - Preparation - Custody

Back Office BulletBesides these processes, we can find a solution to almost any document management or digitization project.

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