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Digitization of Documents

Process: File Processing

File processing allows us to collect information from several document sources in order to organise them according to the client's requirements. Any document format can be processed. Our software converts and distributes the information intelligently, creating unified databases.

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Variety of Documents into One Single Database

For example, banks receive hundreds of different documents from their high street branches which have to be prcoessed in such a way as to produce harmonoious databases whose information can be quickly accessed and managed.

Back Office BulletTomorrow's high-tech solutions delivered today.

Technology is radically changing the way documents are managed. What better way to benefit from these advances than team up with an expert partner able to provide the latest, state-of-the-art solutions to your document management requirements.

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Digitization Processes

Digitalizacion Bullet PointScanning

Digitalizacion Bullet PointFull Text OCR

Digitalizacion Bullet PointFile Processing

Digitalizacion Bullet PointData Entry

Digitalizacion Bullet PointClassification - Preparation - Custody

Back Office BulletBesides these processes, we can find a solution to almost any document management or digitization project.

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