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Digitization of Documents

Digitization Solutions by Process

There are several digitization processes which can be applied to documented information. Not only scanning from paper or introducing structured information via data entry, but also other document management strategies which can increase productivity and reduce costs.

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High-speed scanning from any format. Intelligent post-scanning treatment of digital files. Outsource or scan in-house.

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Automatic reading of structured or unstructured texts. Automatic reading of numbers, quantities, prices, codes, regsitrations numbers, etc...

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File processing from a variety of document sources, variety of paper formats. Harmonizing scattered information into single database.

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High-volume data entry services. Fast, efficient operators. High level of quality control. Fast turnaround.

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Experienced operators who classify, prepare and treat any document, in any physcial state. High level of quality control. Document destruction. Custody.

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Skilled operators

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Expert Technicians

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