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Value Added Services

What is Nova BPO Value?

Nova BPO Value is a portfolio of products and services born of our experience within the Back Office Outsourcing, Document Management and Digitization sectors.

Back Office BulletSoftware: scanning, organisation, retrieval, on-line access (Document Management).

Back Office BulletProcess Design: back office outsourcing projects, workflow design, optimization of workflows, digitization implementation, software and hardware acquisition, general process consulting.

Back Office BulletProcedural Manuals: analysis, definition, schematization and optimization of workflows (Back Office and Document Management).

Back Office BulletWeb Development: platform, design and development, intranets, database driven.

Back Office BulletReal improvements in productivity and running efficiency. Unecessary transactions steamlined

Which Processes Can be Outsourced?

Any task – and not just routine or mechanical in nature: but also tasks involving value judgments, informed decision-making – can be confidently outsourced to a specialist BPO provider like Nova BPO. We have absorbed entire departments, quickly learning and optimising processes, delivering a highly efficient, quality-driven service within a surprisingly short start-up time.

Back Office

High-Speed Data Networking

The revolution in High-Speed Data Networking means that work can be carried out in almost any part of the world. All that is needed is connectivity. Once communication links are installed a BPO operator works within the same network as the client, accessing the host system and working offsite with highly focused, productive efficiency.

Experience in Excellence

In Nova BPO, we provide BPO services to Spanish companies, but also to German and French multinationals with business transactions all over the world. Our language proficiency means that we can offer competitive cost-cutting benefits while maintaining the outsourcing experience within a European business-cultural environment.